Xbox 360 is Significantly much better Than the PS3

The Xbox 360 and PS3 are equally gaming consoles that have taken the gaming arena by storm. Although Xbox 360 is the successor of Xbox and is produced by Microsoft, PS3, also recognized as PlayStation 3 is the successor of PS2 and is manufactured by Sony. Each the Xbox 360 and PS3 are masters in their own areas, nevertheless there are specific features in Xbozx360 that makes it get over Sony’s PS3. In this post we have put collectively some of the features that make the Xbo360 a considerably far better gaming console than PS3.

Availability of Video games

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was launched significantly previously than Sony’s PS3, giving it an edge more than the PS3 in phrases of the quantity of video games that were developed and that are obtainable to gaming enthusiasts all over the planet. There are shut to 676 online games offered to Xbox360 customers all above the globe out of which 117 video games are exclusive only to Xbox, 559 online games are multiplatform video games and seventy five online games are exceptional only to Xbox 360 console. The PS3 has only 607 game titles out of which only nine games are unique to the PS3 console. This obviously implies that end users of the Xbox360 have access to much more exclusive online games that they can get pleasure from.


The Xbox 260 250 GB console retails for just $285 in which as the PS3 250 GB gaming console retails for a whopping $429. The PS3 with its exorbitant price variety remains inaccessible to a bulk of gaming lovers who are on a restricted price range while the Xbox360 which retails at a mere $285 is some thing that attracts a massive chunk of gaming fans. Therefore Microsoft’s 360 scores over Sony’s PS3 with respect to the pricing hence producing it much better than the PS3.


For men and women who are extremely particular about the clarity of the match and the gaming consoles capabilities to deal with intricate graphics, the 360 will fulfill all your wants below. The X-box 360 with the Xenos graphic processing device is capable to churn out far better graphical encounters than the PS3 with the RSX graphical processing unit. The Xbox 360’s graphical processing device also offers multithreading and a balanced design and style on the screen. Aside from the other attributes of Xbox 360’s graphical processing unit like programmable vertex fetching, entire charge texture fetching in the vertex shader, automated shader load balancing, memory export attributes and other characteristics of the Xenos graphic processing device of Xbox360 makes it a outstanding product.


Microsoft’s 360 offers its users a complete of 278.4 GB for every second system bandwidth whilst the PS3 gives only a complete of 48 GB per 2nd. This means Xbox 360 provides you much better performance in comparison to its counterpart, the PS3 which is really critical for avid avid gamers and as a result generating the Xbox 360 a very clear need to acquire.

These are some attributes that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has that make it acquire more than its competitor evidently the PS3 from Sony Laptop Leisure.

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