Is Fireplace HDX Your Ultimate Pill?

Kindle has come up with Fire HDX; this is the latest tablet in offering. This is a 7-inch tablet that is priced at $229. It is said to be a tweaked version of the Fire HD. This tablet comes handy if you are a great fan of Amazon and its content. You will be easily able to purchase the without ads version for at least $15.

What to look for in Fire HDX?

Kindle Fire HDX is slimmer with 7.32 x 5.04 x 0.35 inches dimensions. The tapered look that gives it style but the placement of the power and volume buttons at the back seem a bit hard to reach. This tablet will allow you to squeeze out battery juice up to 7 ½ hours. This is indeed an upgrade from Nexus 7 that would only give you 6 hours of battery backup. Other specifications include QualComm Snapdragon 800 chipset that is powered with Quad core, 2200 MHz processor and 2GB RAM. It comes in three variations that include 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. The 64GB is the only version that gives you the Wi-Fi only or 4G LTE support.

The Kindle HDX is better than its predecessor because of the resolution that gives it the HD screen capability. With 323 ppi, it comes on par with the Nexus 7. Another advantage of the screen display is that the visibility of content is good even in sunlight. Additionally with relatively faster processor with Android (4.2.2) Fire OS 3.0 clubbed with tweaked UI, you will enjoy the smooth and peppy performance of this tablet.

The home screen display comes loaded with additional new features along with the new OS. Other things include a carousel of videos, songs, apps and books. However, your favorite icons sit comfortably in the grid right below the screen. If you want, you can make the carousel disappear for a cleaner look.

For user convenience and quick customer support the additional button is provided that is termed as the Mayday help. If you are looking for advice, tutorial or troubleshooting something with Fire HDX then press this button and within 10 seconds you will be getting the required assistance.

To access Mayday Button swipe down from the screen and Settings bar will appear to display a video window. A support executive will appear on your screen to give you necessary help required. You will be able to see the support executive but on the other side the support executive will only be able to hear you. The support executive will have access to your device and will also be able to illustrate by drawing on the screen. With your permission they will be able to take over your device for remote support and resolving the issues immediately.

The bad

The HDX is not much different from its predecessors but it is only capable of allowing you to access a handful of third-party apps that are available at Google and Apple stores. You will instantly crave for the missing bunch that includes Dropbox, Instagram, YouTube, Google Maps and Netflix. For this very reason you might want to keep away from purchasing this tablet, as these apps are the most necessary apps.

Other things that might turn you off about this tablet is the missing rear camera in the lower rung model. However if you go for an upgraded model then you will be able to enjoy rear camera advantage.


After all that is said about Kindle Fire HDX 7 you would love it for its peppy processor, latest OS version, resolution and slim profile. The things that this tablet lack are missing popular apps for storage and entertainment. These can however be downloaded or overcome by online support. If you are the one who is hooked on to Amazon and its offerings then this tablet is for you.

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