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Despite the fact that in new decades women have manufactured historic innovations in practically all places of American public life, a staggering amount of gals across the state are nevertheless teetering on the verge of poverty and financial disaster, a new report unveiled Sunday reveals.

Brandon Thibodeaux / for NBC Information

Eveline’s Sunshine Cottage resident Sheneka Collins assists her daughter, Tamiya, seven, with her homework at their home in Amarillo, TX, on Wednesday. Reduced-earnings or homeless single mothers are presented lodging and financial assistance via the system.

The report, co-authored by NBC Information specific anchor Maria Shriver and the Middle for American Progress, takes a wide-angle snapshot of a nationwide financial crisis — seen by the eyes of gals. The critical findings paint a portrait of an believed forty two million women — and 28 million dependent kids — saddled with money hardship.

“These are not gals who are wondering if they can ‘have it all,'” Shriver wrote in her introduction to the report. “These are gals who are already executing it all — operating really hard, offering, parenting, and care-giving. They’re executing it all, however they and their families are unable to prosper, and that’s weighing the U.S. economic climate down.”

Amid an apparent boom in woman empowerment and participation — a time in which gals make the bulk of secondary levels and signify far more than fifty percent of the country’s voters — the report claims that millions of ladies are still struggling on the margins of American modern society, bruised by the current recession and the working day-to-day trials of loved ones funds.

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